July 10, 2018

Lyric Video by Cryptic Sound Productions

Drums and guitars recorded by Matt Simpson

Vocal recording and mastering by Matt Copper 

July 3, 2018

Aphelion is a Winnipeg metal band with members Daniel Jangula, Clayton Parisian, and Aaron Bacon. Dusty’s Misadventures is the band’s first EP, released on June 29th. Their EP release show is on July 6th.

Aphelion's spicy tech metal album is exactly that. Spicy as in your mouth is burning, but in a few moments you know you'll be fine. Upon the first listen through I was entertained. I wasn't quite sure what note was coming next or which direction these three were about to take me with the song. It's technical, mathematical, and they manage to capture many if their musical influences with their songs. Daniel Jangula has a...

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